Spa Design in Marrakech

The Baths of Alhambra, your relaxation retreat in Marrakech

This spa with oriental design in Marrakech, serves as a welcome retreat from the daily hustle and bustle, the baths of the Alhambra are located at the heart of the red city. It is a given fact that the large walls that surround Marrakech's old medina serve as shields against the distracting sensory overload to allow you to enjoy a euphoric well-being. We always wanted to keep it as simple as possible with an aesthetic style that is as intimate as possible to create a calm and soothing environment where our customers can look forward to a sweet tranquility and sensuality.

Experience in our luxury spa relaxing feelings of revitalization and fulfillment. Our customers are entitled to a catalog composed of a multitude of activities that lend themselves nicely: Hammam and massage, baths, wellness spa, manicure, hairstyling, makeup ... It highlights wonderful treatments and the most courted care. The spa baths of Alhambra is a quiet place full of prestige and serenity, that will awaken your senses.