Les Bains de L’Alhambra Spa & Hammam at Marrakech

A beautiful private spa in the heart of Marrakesh, as Les Bains de l’Alhambra Spa & Hammam in Marrakech is equipped with a double cabin for two people; and it is also where you can enjoy the different treatments with Mineral Salts, bath oils, rose petals and aroma therapy; while you are sipping on a mint traditional tea at your private safe haven. Les Bains de l’Alhambra hammam and spa, is this exceptional Spa and wellness heritage right in Marrakech, featuring two steam rooms where you can purify yourself and relax, while trying a homemade scrub soap or sea salt, wraps masks, petal baths and foot massages. The wellness area has six massage cabinets of two double rooms for couples or friends. With a prestigious room dedicated to manicure and pedicure thusly desiring your comfort. Your private spa also has two relaxation rooms fully air-conditioned with an relaxing atmosphere due to the background music with a luxurious panoramic central patio or you can enjoy in this haven our Moroccan mint tea in the exquisite lounge.