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Informations de Réservation


We recommend that you reserve for your treatments beforehand, you can contact us:

en vous présentant  vous-même  a la réception du spa.

By phone: 0524386346.

By Email:

Arrival time :

In order to fully indulge in our experience, we pray that you come 15 minutes earlier than your actual appointment.


In case of a delay, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your treatment fully, however, if we do have time, we will make sure you are a pleased client.


We recommend our clients to leave their valuables at the reception desk.

* Cancellation

Dear customers, please take into consideration that any payment that was already made (deposit or partial payment) is non refundable as a result of a cancellation that occurs less than 12 hours before the booked treatment or care.

*Dress Code

You will be given shoes, a bathrobe as well as disposable underwear for your treatment.

Spa Atmosphere

To make sure all our clients are indulging in a relaxing and serene environment, the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes in the spa is strictly prohibited